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| Published 11. 3. 2014. 12:17 | RSS

CARNet’s eduKnjižara – a platform for publishing e-textbooks, but also own digital educational material

In order to respond to the needs of teachers, professors, pupils and students for a central space for publishing and distributing e-textbooks, lecture notes, supplementary course material, readings and other educational content in a digital format, The Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARnet started a new service entitled: eduKnjižara.

It is a central space that two virtual bookstores have joined so far - Bookvica and Lamarodigital. They offer browsing, shopping and downloading of educational e-books appropriate to the interests of the users of CARnet. The materials offered by eduKnjižara consist mostly of e-textbooks and readings in EPUB and/or PDF format, but there is also the option of distributing educational material in other multimedia formats. In addition to paid content, eduKnjižara will also offer free books, such as reading material for primary and secondary school etc. With the help of a simple and advanced search engine, materials can be found quickly and with ease and afterwards accessed on devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones etc.

Users can log in to every e-bookshop with their AAI@Eduhr user account, or they can create a special user account for specific bookshops. Using an electronic identity in the AAI@EduHr system is recommended due to certain benefits, such as personalized materials or access to certain special material.

While we await a stronger response from publishers and a larger number of available textbooks, it is definitely worth mentioning that eduKnjižara offers its users the option of publishing their own materials such as lecture notes, supplementary course material, e-textbooks, e-books and various digital educational materials, on the conditions chosen by the author of the material. Therefore, we ask teachers and professors to make available at eduKnjižara the digital course material that they created. For those wanting to learn how to make e-books in the EPUB format on their own, CARNet offers an online course for independent learning that can be accessed in CARNet's system Loomen under the category, at Since the course is available to all users, signing in with the AAI@EduHr user account is not required.

The possibilities of using eduKnjižara are numerous. Books have never been more accessible, and we believe that you will recognize some of their benefits and we wish you a pleasant reading and learning.