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Call for Papers – 16th CARNet Users Conference CUC 2014

The Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNet invites all interested parties to take active part in this year's CUC 2014 conference, entitled "Fasten your connection, we're taking off", to be held from November 19 to 21, 2014, at Hotel AntunoviŠ in Zagreb.

At CUC 2014, in the course of the three Conference days, the following topics shall be discussed in form of keynote speeches, papers, workshops as well as presentations and round table discussions:

The deadline for the submission of Conference papers in complete form is set to June 1, while proposals for workshops may be submitted until May 15 of this year. Your workshop and paper proposals are submitted online at the address

More on the thematic units and topics the programme is all about, as well as all the information regarding paper submission, can be found at the Conference website, at the address

This year's CUC will be accompanied by the Webfestival, a competition for Internet content creators and users. Webfestival 2014 will put focus on the topic of education interactive online games.

At the CUC 2014 conference, as part of a special programme unit titled sys.trek, there will be special lectures, presentations and workshops organized for system engineers working at CARNet member institutions.

All additional information about the Conference, the Webfestival and paper submissions are available on the Conference website or via mail on the address

Follow our updates on Facebook, at, and Twitter, at, but also make sure you pay attention to the #CARNetCUC hashtag.

Please forward this information to all the interested parties at your institution.