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| Published 13. 5. 2014. 14:45 | RSS

DANTE signs the LoI with the ACDC consortium

On March 27th 2014 DANTE signed a Letter of Intent to join the ACDC project as a user. Started in February 2013, the European Advanced Cyber Defence Centre (ACDC) aims to create a community of stakeholders joining forces to fight botnets. ACDC provides a complete set of solutions accessible online to mitigate on-going attacks and targeted both to end-users and to network operators. It also consolidates the data provided by various stakeholders into a pool of knowledge, accessible through the ACDC central clearing house.

CDC reaches out to users across Europe through 8 national relay centres. ACDC currently operates as a 30 months EU-supported pilot project, ending in July 2015 and aims to continue as a self-sustained infrastructure beyond the end of the project. Initiated by 28 partners from 14 countries, ACDC is open to stakeholders from industry, public authorities and academia across Member States.
ACDC will provide tools and sensors to detect botnet related cyberthreats and mitigate cyberattacks on networks, web sites, end user computers and mobile devices. The project intends to deploy a comprehensive set of national support centres throughout 8 Member States interconnected to the ACDC central clearing house. Through this networked approach, ACDC will also pave the way for a consolidated approach to protect organisations from cyber-threats and support mitigation of on-going attacks through easy access to an increasing pool of solutions.
ACDC services will be freely accessible at or through one of the national support centres, one of which is located at the Croatian Academic and Research Network – CARNet. CARNet, in cooperation with other partners, has successfully become involved in the implementation process of the early-phase pilot project within the framework of the ACDC. The individual components of the system developed by CARNet and its project partners were successfully tested in October 2013 as part of the early-phase pilot project. The early phase of the pilot was thereby initiated, consisting of test components that started submitting data to the test central clearing house, the central system component that is at the core of this project.
The success of the early-phase pilot is a prerequisite for further development of the system, its upgrades and adjustments, as well as for the realisation of one of the main goals of the project – an efficient combat against botnets.
By means of a number of actions, CARNet is working on the introduction and safe use of ICT in the academic and educational community in Croatia. A result of the acknowledgment of that role is CARNet's engagement in this project supported by the EU. Two other of DANTE’s academic partners are also involved in the project - DFN-CERT and FCCN – Foundation for National Scientific Computing.
Together with other project partners, and now DANTE, CARNet intends to increase combat against botnets to a new level.
ACDC is a European pilot project funded under the CIP-PSP programme, with a total cost of 15,5 M€ and funding of 7,7 M€.