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| Published 13. 6. 2014. 12:36 | RSS

Classroom of the Future in Koprivnica for more than 700 pupils

On 12 June 2014, the Classroom of the Future project was joined by the Fran Galović high-school in Koprivnica. The school was equipped by an advanced classroom that will allow interactive learning with the support of state of the art information technology for its 700 pupils. At the presentation of the project it was said that hereby the joint project of CARNet and the company Samsung Electronics, with the support of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, is successfully continued and sets the foundation for the 2014/2015 school year.

The classroom of the future in Koprivnica is equipped with a teacher's computer, tablets and an interactive whiteboard, which will enable interactive knowledge exchange to all students. It enables teachers to quickly share information, notes from lectures and an instantaneous review of the students' understanding of a particular lecture. They can share content on the interactive whiteboard, and with only a couple of "clicks" send it to the students' tablets. The students and teachers can keep notes from lectures, underline key information or draw, both on tablets and on the interactive whiteboard. Teachers can very quickly check if the students understand the lecture with short quizzes, surveys and discussion.

"I am exceptionally pleased that I have the opportunity to attend this ceremonious moment of the opening of the Classroom of the Future in the Fran Galović high school, a school that already carries out over 35 innovative curricular and extracurricular activities and has distinguished itself for many years with the results of its students and teachers at national and international competitions, as well as with the success of its students at the national secondary school leaving examination and their involvement with projects and project classes. The classroom of the future will unquestionably contribute to the quality of the education that the school contributes to its students. I am particularly pleased that the Classroom of the Future, just like the school building itself, is the result of a cooperation between the public and the private sector, something we consider exceptionally important for further progress and the ensurance of sustainability and growth. The Ministry therefore values such initiatives and private sector partners who contribute to the computerisation of schools and the educational system" – said Ankica Nježić, Assistant Minister for standards and strategies at the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports.

"I am also more than pleased to have the opportunity to open yet another Classroom of the Future in cooperation with Samsung, here in the Fran Galović high school in Koprivnica. This schools has distinguished itself as exceptionally advanced in many areas from introducing innovative subjects to a series of extracurricular activities, and it recognises the importance of introducing and applying technology in the educational process. The concept of the Classroom of the Future includes the use of advanced technologies for interactive classes, during which students can share, among themselves and with the teacher, course activities, check their knowledge through tests, search through information on the Internet and participate in activities that stimulate critical thinking and research study. Through a series of its projects, from E-islands and School 2.0 to the Classroom of the Future and others, CARNet is actively working on the digital empowerment of schools, with the aim of ensuring an education for the 21st century in Croatian schools" – pointed out Zvonimir Stanić, director of the Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNet.

The "Fran Galović" high school was established in 1906. It currently employs 75 people, and in the 2013/2014 school year it was attended by more than 700 pupils in 28 class units. The Fran Galović high school in Koprivnica is equipped with an interactive whiteboard and a computer and a total of 30 tablets intended for the students. They will be primarily used for the curriculum of the Croatian language and oratory, mathematics, physics and computer science, but also subjects like astronomy and others.

"I am glad that CARNet, Samsung and other partners have recognised the quality of the school in terms of the success of the students and teachers. The school will certainly know how to implement this technology in the course contents. This will improve the quality of the work, to the satisfaction of both the students and the teachers. The solutions will be implemented in project classes, and I expect new competences and results that will offer us a new educational development," – pointed out Vjekoslav Robotić, principal of the Fran Galović high school in Koprivnica.

"It pleases me immensely that the Koprivnica Fran Galović high school got involved in the Classroom of the Future project. With its projects that actively include parents and students, the school has demonstrated a high level of maturity and a commitment to the promotion of science and active learning. I believe that the Samsung School solution, which is at the core of the programme, will give the teachers additional inspiration and ensure individualised tools that will allow for a higher quality education. By wholeheartedly supporting the creation of a network of classrooms throughout Croatia, our long-term goal is to support students and teachers from all regions of Croatia in the development of local communities and the creation of new opportunities for the transformation of Croatia into a society in which knowledge and competitiveness are a top priority " - concluded Elvir Kučković, Head of Sales for corporate clients of the company Samsung Electronics Adriatic.