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| Published 10. 6. 2014. 12:44 | RSS

CARNet developed mToken letter of credentials for the e-Citizens system

Today, on 10 June 2014, the e-Citizens system began to operate. It consists of a Central State Portal, which represents the public part of the system, a Personal user account and the National Identification and Authentication System - NIAS, who enables the use of electronic letters of credentials. The e -Citizens mToken is one of the letters of credentials in the e-Citizens system, developed in CARNet. It consists of a mobile application that is used for the generation of a one-time password and its security level is 3.

The application can be downloaded in the Google Play Store for Android devices, in the Apple App Store for iOS devices, and in the Windows Phone Store for Windows devices.

To activate the e-Citizens mToken application on the mobile device, the user needs to visit a FINA office, and users who have already activated a letter of credentials can view and change their data at