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| Published 5. 6. 2014. 12:53 | RSS

Microsoft participates in the CARNet project "Classrooms of the Future"

As part of the CARNet project "Classrooms of the Future", Microsoft, in cooperation with its partners, the HP and STORM Computers companies, supplied the "Rikard Katalinić Jeretov" Elementary School in Opatija with tablets and an interactive whiteboard.

The tablets and the interactive whiteboard were delivered to the "Rikard Katalinić Jeretov" Elementary School in Opatija on 5th June 2014, as part of the CARNet project "Classrooms of the Future", aimed at the development of schools, teachers and students towards digitally mature schools. The project partners are Microsoft Hrvatska and the Hewlett-Packard and STORM Computers companies which have, with the support of CARNet, been included into the project by contributing computers and interactive whiteboards for the purpose of testing and simulation of the interactive classroom of the future.

Željka Baniček, Education Specialist at the Microsoft company, presented the school principal Fredi Glavan with the devices, in the company of Ivo Dujmić, Mayor of Opatija, and Branka Vuk, Deputy CEO for Education Support at CARNet.

Using the tablets and the touch-sensitive interactive whiteboard will enable the school's teachers and students to implement interactive and personalised "one-on-one" learning and use an array of interactive contents, as well as additionally motivate the students to participate more actively in classes. Use of the Microsoft Office 365 pack in classes will improve communication between teachers and students, make the documents available in Cloud from any location, as well as enable high-quality and fast information sharing, synchronization with smartphones and use of all Microsoft Office applications.

"I am very pleased that the students of the "Rikard Katalinić Jeretov" Elementary School will be able to attend classes and perform everyday learning tasks with the aid of modern Microsoft technologies. “The Office 365 pack in Cloud will make communication between teachers, as well as between students, faster and more efficient.", said Željka Baniček from the Microsoft Hrvatska company.

"Equipping the classroom with modern teaching facilities such as tablets and a large touchscreen is the result of the activity and involvement of our entire school, thanks to which it has become one of the leading schools in the introduction of information and communication technologies in teaching and in in the general operation of this institution. We would like to thank the Microsoft, HP and STORM companies for the supplied devices and technology, which will significantly improve the teachers' work and additionally motivate our students.", said Fredi Glavan, school principal.

"For a number of years, CARNet has cooperated with the "Rikard Katalinić Jeretov" Elementary School, as one of the leading schools in the introduction of ICT in the teaching process and school operation. The school teachers, led and supported by the school principal, are frequent attendants of different CARNet education programmes, in an effort to provide students with high-quality and contemporary education. We are extremely pleased that the school has been included into this project, by which it got a chance to further develop the learning and teaching process, which, we are confident, it will know how to fully benefit from. Support to equipping the school with state-of-the-art IT equipment and digital content is in conformity with CARNet's efforts to provide the required infrastructure and technology for the maximum possible number of schools in the Republic of Croatia.", said Branka Vuk, Deputy CEO for Education Support at CARNet.

The delivery and acceptance of computers ended with an informative teacher education session about the system and a pleasant interaction between the representatives of CARNet, Microsoft, STORM and HP, the Mayor and, of course, the school's teachers and students.