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| Published 15. 4. 2014. 13:20 | RSS

Website of the National Anti Botnet Support Center launched

As part of their activities of promoting cyber security, the Croatian Academic and Research Network – CARNet has launched the official website of the National Anti Botnet Support Center at The national support center was established within CARNet as part of the international project of the Advanced Cyber Defence Center (ACDC) supported by the European Union, and is an important integral part of the EU Cyber Security Strategy. 

The new official website contains links and instructions for free and commercial security tools for end users which:

  • can detect an installed malignant code on the user's computer and clean it;
  • can detect an infected website whose purpose is the distribution of a malignant code to its visitors;
  • can determine whether the user's web browser is susceptible to attack and therefore suitable for the installation of a malignant code (control of critical ports on the computer) and
  • can protect the user's computer, thus contributing to the reduction of the number of bots on infected computers.

The National CERT was established within CARNet in accordance with the Information Security Act of the Republic of Croatia in order to preserve the information security of public information systems in the Republic of Croatia. According to the National CERT Operations Policy, this department deals with incidents in which one party to the incident, the victim or the attacker, is located in the Republic of Croatia (that is, it is within the .hr Internet domain or the Croatian IP address space).

The total budget of the ACDC pilot project is EUR 16 million and the duration of the project is 30 months. The project is part of the CIP-PSP financing, contract number 325188.