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| Published 22. 9. 2014. 12:42 | RSS

Ruđer Bošković Technical School presents its Classroom of the Future

The second Classroom of the Future was presented today in the premises of the Ruđer Bošković Technical School. The classroom, which is a part of the Classroom of the Future project, was furnished by partner companies Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and STORM Computers. Owing to the joint initiative of CARNet and the Ministry of Science and Education, these students from Zagreb obtained a new dimension of education through the use of multimedia and the Internet for the purpose of providing education of a better quality.

The ceremony was attended by the head of the Ministry of Science and Education, Minister Vedran Mornar, who officially opened the Classroom of the Future and emphasized the importance of investing in education and providing the same level of high-quality education to all students in the Republic of Croatia: ''I welcome CARNet's Classrooms of the Future project and every investment in our students' education.''

The utilization of new information technologies, which have thus far been used to equip a total of eight classrooms, places us alongside modern schools worldwide, and it is our vision to equip all schools and in this way ensure further improvement of the teaching and learning methods.

I am glad that leading computer companies have become interested in helping us in the implementation of this project.''

CARNet CEO Zvonimir Stanić also expressed his vision of the project - enabling as many schools as possible to become innovative participants in shaping the future of learning and through this experience, encouraging students and teachers to become more involved in shaping a new dimension of education: ''Today our family of Classrooms of the Future is joined by another school which has received a classroom furnished with advanced equipment.

By creating technological preconditions for learning and teaching with the use of information and communication technologies, we participate in creating education for the 21st century which will ensure that students, after completing their education, dispose of all the competences necessary for their participation in the contemporary labour market - competences which they shall acquire in this classroom.''

CARNet's Classrooms of the Future project also represents a test environment for e-Schools, a project which aims to develop modern, digitally mature schools where classrooms like these will be fully connected and equipped with computer and information technologies, and where teachers will use information and communication technologies in teaching and in their daily work.

Classroom of the Future Concept

The Classroom of the Future Concept is based on the implementation and integration of advanced hardware and software technological solutions into traditional classrooms, in order to improve the quality of teaching.

This solution enables the implementation of interactive classes, the use of teaching materials in electronic format (e-textbooks, presentations, animations, videos), the implementation of dynamic tests and knowledge quizzes, as well as the monitoring of each student activity, the collection and analysis of student activities and test results, intercommunication between students and teachers and the possibility of integration with an e-Class Register app for student assessments and record-keeping.

The basic parts of the solution include a web and wireless infrastructure for connecting the particular components of the solution, interactive whiteboards, tablets and education contents in electronic form. The education and training of teachers who will use the classrooms of the future also represents part of the solution.