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| Published 12. 9. 2014. 13:02 | RSS

Negotiations on establishing an university programme about e-learning

After educating eleven generations of students, the desire to establish both its programmes and its participants' knowledge and skills at a higher, university level motivated the CARNet E-Learning Academy to initiate negotiations with the University of Zagreb on starting a university e-learning programme. For this reason, CARNet's E-learning Academy shall not be enrolling a new generation of students in the school and academic year 2014/2015.

It was in the spring of 2003 that CARNet's employees and close associates came up with the idea of launching an educational programme on e-learning which would enable the development of experts in Croatia and the region who would encourage and implement e-learning in their environment.

The establishment of the E-learning Academy with its three programmes (E-learning Management, E-learning Tutoring, E-learning Course Design) was a result of the cooperation of several remote teams from 2003 to 2005. The Programme Committee in Croatia set out the requirements, while CARNet's project team worked with an expert team from the University of British Columbia in Canada to develop the programme, and the international team of reviewers reviewed it.

So far, 543 participants have completed the E-learning Academy. They were mostly employed in tertiary, secondary and elementary education, but also in adult education institutions, companies, organizations and public institutions. Now they are all members of the large ELA Alumni community which remains active and they use the Alumni mailing list, LinkedIn group or Twitter to share their experiences and different relevant information concerning e-learning.

New announcements will be published when we have more information about the new university programme.