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| Published 12. 9. 2014. 13:14 | RSS

Start of AMORES project activities in schools

The implementation of the AMORES pilot project will begin in September in all included schools and it will last throughout the school year. The project includes schools in five countries – Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Croatia and the United Kingdom.

One of the first steps includes workshops during which teachers will introduce the students and parents to the project and the AMORES methodology of teaching literature, which will be used throughout the pilot. The parents' involvement is important in order for them to be aware of the project activities in which their children are included, so as to be able to support their children in reading and enable the safe use of ICT tools at home.

The purpose of the AMORES methodology is to intensify students' interaction with literary works through the production of e-artefacts, as well as encourage sharing with students from other European countries through the use of interactive ICT tools in classes. So, for example, students from Croatia will make a video about a Croatian literary work, publish it online so students from the United Kingdom can see it, and they will later discuss the work via a video conference. In the pilot phase, the teachers and students will apply the AMORES methodology in literature classes and then propose changes and improvements, taking into consideration their own experiences.

The pilot project will be implemented in ten class units with a total of about two hundred students. The project includes the following schools: Primary School ABIS "School4Child", Lodz, Poland Skaegkaerskolen, Silkeborg, Denmark, Karlbergsskolan, Köping, Sweden, Horvati Elementary School, Zagreb, Croatia and St. Mary's Catholic Primary School, Staffordshire, United Kingdom. The fact that the new methodology will be tested in five different environments makes the project results representative on the European level. News of the pilot project's progress, as well as the methodology itself with application instructions for teachers, will be available on the project's website.

AMORES invites everyone interested to join the project and support it via our Facebook page. This is the fastest way to find out news about the project, as well as other interesting information concerning literature, literacy and reading.