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| Published 12. 9. 2014. 11:17 | RSS

CARNet' international connection capacity to the GÉANT network increased to 20 Gbit/s

The Croatian Academic and Research Network – CARNet has recently increased the capacity of its IP connection to the broadband pan-European GÉANT network from 10 Gbit/s to 20Gbit/s. Both links towards the GÉANT network were upgraded - the primary link towards Ljubljana and Vienna and the secondary link towards Budapest.

This upgrade ensures CARNet's optimal capacity towards the GÉANT network which CARNet uses to connect the Croatian educational and academic community with partner communities in Europe.

GÉANT is a pan-European academic and research network which uses its own optical infrastructure to ensure the interconnection of European academic and research networks with capacities reaching up to 100Gbit/s, as well as the connection between Europe and other continents. In addition to Internet connections, GÉANT ensures a series of advanced network services: 1/10/100Gbit/s Point-2-Point connection, eduroam, perfSONAR, Multidomain Bandwidth on Demand (MD BoD) etc.

The GÉANT network offers a reliable, faultless and transparent connection of end users as well as the accompanying service support, with the aim of establishing the most advanced international research network in the world. Different services which this network offers include private virtual networks with the ensured capacity for especially demanding projects, web performance monitoring tools, network control and safe authorisation and roaming services.

The faster connection will enable CARNet network users higher connection speed and thereby ensure faster and more direct cooperation with European educational institutions and the European academic and research networks' institutions, as well as the inclusion of Croatia and Croatian scientists into the European Research Area (ERA) and the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).