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| Published 4. 9. 2014. 13:26 | RSS

Courses for the 2nd group of CARNet Moodle MOOC starting soon

All interested parties are invited to apply for and participate in CARNet's mass online course – the CARNet Moodle MOOC. After the successful first course, in which as many as 440 attendants participated, CARNet, encouraged by the satisfaction of its attendants and the great interest for a new group, started the enrolment of the second group of attendants.

The contents of the course will be very similar to the original one, while most of the changes will be connected with more detailed and accessible instructions for the attendants.

The course will start on 01 October 2014 and last six weeks. Attendants can also register for the course after its official start, but no later than 15 October 2014. Applications for the course can be found at the following address:

Moodle MOOC is open to all interested parties, regardless of whether they hold the electronic identity, and can be attended free of charge. You can also forward this invitation to your colleagues who are not a part of the educational community in Croatia. The number of participants is unlimited.

This course is intended for all participants who wish to learn to independently design and create an online course in Moodle. If you are already creating courses in Moodle and would like to share the experience of using online courses in classes and find out how others are using them, this course is also the right choice for you. Also, the course enables the experience of e-learning in a specific environment - a massive open online course, which is why it is a great opportunity to try out this learning method.

The contents are supplemented by video materials which will contribute to faster adoption and transfer of knowledge regarding the Moodle tool. Within the course, a new knowledge evaluation method is used, in which the attendants obtain badges and monitor their own progress depending on their defined criteria and achieved success.

Depending on prior knowledge and preferences, the course can be attended in two modes: the intensive mode, where the majority of planned activities must be realised, and the standard mode, where it is sufficient to complete only several activities to obtain the CARNet's MOOC badge.

More information about the course can be found at the following address: