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| Published 4. 9. 2014. 13:28 | RSS

A new version of the "Protect Your Privacy on Facebook" brochure

If you have not yet found out all the information regarding the dangers you are exposed to when uploading your personal information and contents to the most popular social network and if you are not sure how to set up your profile on Facebook to protect your privacy in doing so, we certainly advise you to read the new version of the National CERT's "Protect Your Privacy on Facebook" brochure.

Facebook often introduces changes in its privacy management system; it is therefore important to remain constantly informed about the latest changes.

The National CERT has been issuing this brochure since 2011, and to this day it has been downloaded more than 33.000 times. This brochure is also printed and distributed as a special supplement to one of the leading national daily papers, printed in 100,000 copies.

A new version of this brochure is available at CARNet's National CERT website at the following address:, and you can download it HERE.