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| Published 4. 7. 2014. 14:54 | RSS

Online course for teachers as part of the AMORES project completed

The online course for teachers as part of the AMORES project was completed in the last week of June. Teachers from schools participating in the project spent a total of eight weeks exploring how to develop a love for reading and literature in their students with an interactive and collaborative use of ICT in teaching, more specifically, with the preparation of e-artefacts.

The main part of the course lasted six weeks, with two introductory weeks, during which teachers have familiarized themselves with the Moodle learning management system. By using different tools, teachers had the opportunity to record video clips, create comics and more, as well as discuss how to encourage students to think critically about making e-artefacts and achieve cooperation between partner schools.
During the final week, teachers dealt with videoconferencing and the course ending with a videoconference, during which the teachers discussed plans for the following school year in a cheerful atmosphere.