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| Published 20. 8. 2014. 09:55 | RSS

Two CARNet's papers in the new TERENA collection of papers

An international conference with more than 650 participants was held in Dublin from 19-22 May 2014, organised by TERENA - Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association. Three representatives of CARNet participated actively in it with their presentations, papers and posters.

This week, the collection of papers from the conference has also been published, containing the papers in the preparation of which CARNet's employees Ivan Golub and Damir Regvart participated. This is a great success, since only 16 papers have been selected for publication out of the one hundred submitted ones.
The first selected paper was presented within the "Bandwidth on deathbed?" section on the subject of software development in a multiple-domain environment, focusing on three main topics – software development in academic networks and what makes it unique, what moves successful software development and what lessons can be learned from that.
The second paper dealt with Open Cloud Exchange (OCX), proposed to bridge the gap between two major infrastructure components for the provision of cloud services – Cloud Service Provider (CSP) infrastructure and Cloud Service Delivery (CSD) infrastructure.