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| Published 23. 10. 2014. 14:57 | RSS

A web-collaboration physics class supported by CARNet held between Osijek and Zagreb

On Thursday, 2 October 2014, a web-collaboration physics lesson was held in two elementary schools - the Vijenac Elementary School in Osijek and the Horvati Elementary School in Zagreb - as part of the pilot project "Science Popularisation by Vertical Correlation of Education Content through the Use of Videoconferencing in Physics Lessons" and the Inspiring Science Education project.

A number of things made this lesson special, most notably the fact that seventh-grade pupils conducted experiments in order to teach first- and second-grade pupils, who had not yet been introduced to physics. All of this happened on remote locations between Osijek and Zagreb, using the Adobe Connect Pro web-collaboration tool, while technical assistance was provided by the Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNet, as part of the activities within the European Inspiring Science Education (ISE) project.

The class was attended by 20 third-, seventh- and eighth-grade pupils from the Vijenac Elementary School in Osijek and 50 first- and third-grade pupils from the Horvati Elementary School in Zagreb. The introductory part included a short presentation about the ISE project held by the Zagreb CARNet ISE team. Then the senior-grade pupils from the Vijenac Elementary School conducted a series of simple and interesting experiments from the first educational unit in the seventh grade - Bodies and Substances. The popularization of science was realised by direct interactive participation of pupils and teachers, as well as of the school. The purpose of this activity was to transform pupils' preconceptions into scientific concepts.