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| Published 9. 2. 2015. 10:05 | RSS

Safer Internet Day 2015

With the purpose of raising public awareness on issues of child online safety, Croatia and other countries throughout the world have been marking the Safer Internet Day. This initiative, initiated as part of the Safer Internet Programme of the European Commission, invites everyone to get involved in activities aimed at creating a safer and better Internet for our children and youth. This year, the day is marked on 10 February.

The Croatian Academic and Research Network and the Hrvatskog radiše Student Dormitory, in cooperation with other partners of the Safer Internet Centre, are yet again marking the Safer Internet Day with a series of educational activities with students, parents and school teachers. The goal of marking the Safer Internet Day is to involve the students as much as possible and to raise their awareness regarding Internet safety issues. Therefore, the initiative comprises a cooperation with the Frane Krsto Frankopan Elementary School, Mladost Elementary School, Osijek Electrical Engineering and Traffic Secondary School and the Vukovar High School, which will hold special activities to mark the Safer Internet Day. Professional and organisational support for all events will be provided by CARNet and the Hrvatskog radiše Student Dormitory in Osijek, in the name of the Safer Internet Centre.

The programme begins on 10 February at 11:00 in the Osijek Electrical Engineering and Traffic Secondary School when the students will, under the guidance of teachers, prepare and present digital posters and comics on the subject of the safety of children and young people online and solve a quiz on this subject in the Edmodo virtual classroom.

From 12:15, the programme continues in the Frane Krsto Frankopan Elementary School, where the students, their parents and teachers will be presented a student video, graphic and literary works concerning the responsible and safe use of the Internet by children and young people. In the Mladost Elementary School, the programme of marking the Safer Internet Day begins at 13:15, with a discussion of the students of the fifth and seventh grade on the subject "If we use the Internet wisely, we are fully protected". After this, a policy on the acceptable use of the Internet and mobile technologies will be signed by the class presidents and homeroom teachers. All student works will be published on the school website.

The Vukovar High School has been traditionally carrying out activities regarding the Safer Internet Day because it considers itself responsible and obliged to ensure that the students grow up in a safe Internet environment. This year, as opposed to previous years, when the public discussions focused on professional speakers, a multimedia exhibition will be held, through which the students will be put in the centre of attention and express their viewpoints under the slogan "Let's create a better Internet together!". The exhibition will present a series of posters, presentations, videos and digital posters and games, published on the school web site.

You can find more information about the international Safer Internet Day and the ways of getting involved in activities on the web site of the Safer Internet Centre at and on the web site