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| Published 10. 12. 2014. 11:44 | RSS

Application Laboratories Opened on the University of Rijeka Campus

After the students of the Osijek Faculty of Electrical Engineering, the students of the Rijeka University now also have the possibility of additional education, research and development of new software solutions, supported by the latest information technology.

The opening of two laboratories at the University of Rijeka, one on Campus in the University Departments Building and the other at the Faculty of Engineering, which is a joint project of CARNet and the Samsung Electronics Adriatic company, supported by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, provides the students with an opportunity for interactive learning about programming and development of mobile applications. The laboratories will also create additional conditions for networking between the two universities to exchange knowledge and experience.

Samsung's Application Laboratories, both on the Campus and at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Rijeka, are equipped with teacher's computers, tablets, Smart TVs and smartphones which will enable interactive learning about programming and development of mobile applications to all students. The laboratory will also develop the Samsung School software in the direction of adjustments to the existing system to suit the purposes of faculty teachers and students, the purposes of higher education in general, but also to connect Samsung School with the existing systems which are currently used at Croatian universities and across the world.

During the opening of the Application Laboratories in Rijeka, students of the Faculty of Engineering in Rijeka established a video conference link with their colleagues from Osijek, where the first Application Laboratory has recently been opened.