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| Published 11. 2. 2015. 12:25 | RSS

SMART Board interactive whiteboards donated to two primary schools

Croatian Academic and Research Network – CARNet, in cooperation with its partners, Canadian SMART Technologies and its representatives, Steljes Evropa and Opstanak d.o.o., has donated SMART Board interactive whiteboards to the primary schools of Vladimir Gortan from Rijeka and Dragutin TadijanoviŠ from Vukovar. 

Students and teachers of these schools acquired interactive classrooms equipped with SMART Board whiteboards with projectors and audio systems. Smart classrooms have been upgraded with the globally acclaimed SMART Notebook software, which enables teachers to easily create interactive educational contents. Along with SMART Notebook software, teachers acquired access to a lessons database with more than 6,500 templates of complete educational contents, which will facilitate independent creation of interactive teaching materials.

Thanks to cooperation of CARNet and its partners, the equipment arrived to schools at the end of 2014, and education of teachers for working with interactive boards took place in November and December of the same year. Along with equipment installation, Opstanak d.o.o. held training courses in schools, which included education for use of interactive boards and creation of interactive lessons using SMART Notebook programme. Teachers who participated in the education pointed out that SMART boards are sufficiently intuitive and easy to use and that their application in classes can start immediately.

Until now, more than 240 schools in the Republic of Croatia have implemented one or more SMART Board interactive boards.