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| Published 6. 2. 2015. 10:31 | RSS

Teachers educated on webinars on implementation of a modern school curriculum

A series of webinars within "ICT Curricula" IPA Project concluded the project of modernisation of primary-school curriculum. Primary school teachers of information science and of eight other primary school subjects taught from 5th to 8th grade, were able to receive, at one of as many as 30 webinars, all the necessary information about introduction of cross-curricular ICT curriculum in teaching mathematics, Croatian language, physics, history, geography, chemistry, biology and English language.

As part of the webinar, which was held with the aid of Lync communications tool, school teachers received insight, along with information about project results, in interactive digital teaching materials for each of the eight subjects, as well as all necessary information about the manual for implementation of the resulting curriculum and digital teaching materials.

Digital materials focussed on analysis of cross-curricular topics of information and communication technology in 8 subjects are hosted on the National Distance-learning Portal "Nikola Tesla" (, and students and teachers will gain access to them after 18th February 2015, by using electronic identities within AAI@EduHr system, which every student and teacher will acquire in their school.

The teachers have expressed large interest for cross-curricular ICT curriculum and interactive digital teaching materials, so that in a short period of 16 days, during which the series of 30 webinars occurred, 1,450 teachers participated on the webinars.

The webinars, the pictures of which are available to those who didn’t apply on time via CARNet Media on Demand portal (, were aimed primarily at primary school information science teachers, but also other teachers of the mentioned subjects who wish to base their classes on learning outcomes, to direct their teaching at students, and to encourage development of digital competences and critical thinking.