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| Published 4. 2. 2015. 15:37 | RSS

Cooperation Agreement between .hr and .rs domain registries

On 3rd February 2015, in Belgrade, Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNet signed a Cooperation Agreement with the Serbian National Internet Domain Registry Foundation (RNIDS), which manages .rs and .СРБ domains in the Republic of Serbia.

The Cooperation Agreement defined the principles of future cooperation, which include sharing of experience and best practices in all spheres of national registries operation, especially in activities of technical infrastructure, safety and software upgrade, as well as legal acts important for the functioning of domain registration.

The Agreement was signed in the name of national registries of Croatia and Serbia by CARNet CEO, Mr. Zvonimir StaniŠ, and the RNIDS Director, Mr. Danko JevtoviŠ.

Both registries are members of ccNSO as part of ICANN and CENTR - the Council of European National Top-Level Domain Registries.

RNIDS manages the central register of .rs domain since 2007, and the central register of .СРБ domain since 2011, whereas CARNet has been managing national .hr domain ever since 1993.

It is the first such Cooperation Agreement signed by CARNet, and the third by RNIDS, which already signed similar agreements with Montenegrin doMEn and Macedonian MARnet.