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| Published 2. 2. 2015. 15:47 | RSS

CARNet continues to educate school teachers involved in the Schools 2.0 project

Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNet will continue throughout this school year to educate school teachers who work with technology implemented as part of the School 2.0 project. Workshops will be held under the title "E-teacher – contemporary teaching with the aid of technology" and will be useful to school teachers who wish to modernise their teaching through use of technology and the existing free services and tools available on the Internet.

The goal of these all-day workshops is to give teachers theoretical knowledge of e-learning and at the same time to create their own educational e-learning programs. Adopting the contents piece by piece, through cooperation in smaller groups, the teachers will be able to add to their own teaching plan.

The workshop will also present Google Drive system and a tool for creating conceptual maps - Connected Mind Free. The end of the workshop is reserved for a video making tool – VideoShow, intended for making videos on android devices with which schools involved in the Schools 2.0 project are equipped.

Of eight schools involved in the Schools 2.0 project, during January 2015 the following schools underwent the education: Šećerana Primary School, Šarengrad Primary School, Stjepan Radić Primary School - Brestovec Orehovički and Žakanje Primary School.