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| Published 21. 1. 2015. 15:57 | RSS

Almost 700 schools express the interest in becoming e-schools

The deadline for all primary and secondary schools in the Republic of Croatia to apply to the Public invitation to express interest in participating in the pilot project "e-schools: Establishing a system for developing digitally mature schools" expired at midnight on Tuesday, 20th January 2015. The subject and objective of the invitation was to select 140 schools to be included in all project activities of the e-schools pilot project in the 2015 - 2017 period. Almost 700 schools applied before the deadline.

Since almost half of all the schools in the Republic of Croatia applied, it is clear that the schools recognized this pilot project as something important for their development, the development of their teaching processes and operations, and they also felt the need for development using modern technologies. The high number of applications means that schools are ready to embrace a new round of informatisation and at the same time develop their capacities for digital maturity and learning and teaching in the 21st century.

CARNet's Expert Committee will, based on the criteria stated in "Necessary conditions and criteria for selecting schools to participate in the e-schools pilot project", select 140 schools that will participate in the pilot project and inform them of the decision electronically. The list of the selected schools will also be announced on CARNet's web site. The deadline for announcing the formal decision with a list of selected schools is 20th February 2015. The decision of the Expert committee is irrevocable and final.