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| Published 21. 4. 2015. 14:20 | RSS

First 20 Schools Sign Contracts on Participating in the e-Schools Project

The formal signing of the Contract on participating in the pilot project of "e-Schools - Development of the system of digital maturity of schools" between the Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNet, the representatives of the first 20 schools and their founders, was held at the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports on Monday, 20 April 2015.

705 schools replied to the public call for participation in the pilot project "e-Schools - Development of the System of Digital Maturity of Schools", and 150 schools were selected. The selection of schools was carried out at the start of the project in order to make activity, costs and procurement planning easier to carry out in more detail, whereas the equipping and other project activities at most selected schools would be started at the start of 2016. These first 20 schools would be included in the initial phase of the project from autumn 2015.

e-Schools are digitally mature schools, with ultra-fast Internet connections, equipped with ICT with computerised business activities and learning and teaching activities. Digitally competent teachers and students use computer and mobile equipment, educational applications and digital course materials in their work every day.

The pilot project of e-Schools is the first phase in the project planning of the entire e-Schools project. The pilot project will be used to test the organisational, technological and educational conditions for introducing ICT in the educational processes, and therefore the schools included in the pilot project will have the chance of adapting their learning and teaching modes to the new computerised environment with the aim of using modern methods and tools in teaching, and in order to monitor the students' progress more easily.

The pilot project will be carried out at around 10 % of primary and secondary schools in the Republic of Croatia and it will last from 2015 to 2017.