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| Published 3. 4. 2015. 14:22 | RSS

NASA Space Apps Challenge Hackaton at CARNet

On 11 and 12 April 2015, the NASA Space Apps Challenge Hackaton will be held at CARNet for the first time in Croatia. This event is held in the world for the third year in a row. Hackaton includes more than 130 locations this year, and Zagreb is one of them. In cooperation with the WhoHack team and CARNet as the co-organiser, Aleks CuraŠ ŠariŠ, representative of the NewMan's Business Accelerator from Skopje, will present the challenges for the 50 participants who decide to participate.


What makes this Hackaton different from all the other Hackatons in the world is that the presented tasks are real challenges of NASA, divided in 4 categories: Outer Space, Earth, Humans and Robotics. Each category has at least 9 challenges for the participating teams and individuals. The challenges that the participants can select include questions such as how to realise the printing of food in outer space, to how to create a game that should help astronauts in future navigation on Mars.

In order to register, it is required to create a profile of the official website of the challenge at and after that select one event which you wish to attend.