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| Published 13. 3. 2015. 14:32 | RSS

New ECDL Courses at the Nikola Tesla Portal

11 new online ECDL courses aimed at pupils, teachers and students are available at CARNet's National Distance-Learning Portal "Nikola Tesla".

The contents of the courses were produced in accordance with the renewed curriculum of the ECDL programme and they were adapted to the current versions of the Windows operating system (Windows 8) and Microsoft Office (MS Office 2013). The ECDL Programme includes the following modules: Computer Basics, Communication Basics, Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Database Use, Web Design, Image Editing, Project Planning, IT Security and Online Collaboration.

Through independent learning and by using multimedia contents and tests to self-test their knowledge, the users can use the courses as preparation for taking the basic ECDL exam which is taken exclusively at verified examination centres in Croatia.

The courses were produced in 2014 according to the project proposal of CARNet within the HAKOM public tender "Ideas for Development of Software Applications and Services to Promote and Standardise Development of Broadband Networks in the Areas of Special State Concern, Highland Areas and Insular Areas", and the courses were produced by Algebra d.o.o. As an exclusive bearer of the ECDL license, the Croatian Information Technology Society (HIZ) carried out the verification of the produced material.

New courses are available to all CARNet users with an electronic identity, and they can access the courses at

At Loomen, CARNet's system for online learning, within the category of Open courses, a part of the ECDL courses is open for browsing to all interested users, regardless of whether they own an electronic identity: Computer Basics, Web Design, Image Editing, IT Security and Online Collaboration.