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| Published 26. 2. 2015. 14:41 | RSS

Cross-Subject ICT Curriculum for Primary School and Digital Teaching Materials Available to Educational Community

The cross-subject ICT curriculum and the accompanying digital teaching materials developed as a result of the project "Development of the Elements of Qualifications, Programmes and Curricula Related to Computer Competency in Primary School Education – ICT Curricula", which cover Croatian language, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, English, history and geography for the 5th to the 8th form, have become available to the educational community.

This curriculum, which, according to the National Framework Curriculum, covers the cross-subject theme of the use of information and communication technology in teaching and learning, includes a total of 90 teaching hours for all eight target subjects, for the part of course material covered in the first half of the school year. The curriculum has clearly defined learning outcomes which are used to develop competences related to particular subjects, as well as digital competences.

As an aid to the teachers, the guide for the implementation of the cross-subject ICT curriculum and digital teaching materials is also available and contains information about the technical requirements and skills necessary for the successful use of digital teaching materials, the conceptual framework of the curriculum, as well as the detailed descriptions and elaboration of the lesson structure for each subject.

The digital teaching materials for Croatian language, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, English language, history and geography for the 5th to the 8th form, which accompany the cross-subject ICT curriculum, have been uploaded to the National Distance-Learning Portal "Nikola Tesla" and are available to all pupils and teachers following pre-authentication with an electronic identity in the AAI@EduHr system.

Apart from being available at the "Nikola Tesla" portal, digital teaching materials will soon also be available at the CARNet Loomen, where teachers will be able to download parts of digital teaching materials and integrate them in their current courses or create brand-new courses based on the materials.

For more information about the cross-subject ICT curriculum, the guide, the digital teaching materials and the digital versions of the curriculum and the manual, please visit