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| Published 20. 2. 2015. 15:12 | RSS

Results of the Selection of Schools Which Applied to the Public Call for Participation in the e-Schools Pilot Project

The Croatian Academic and Research Network – CARNet has published the names of the first 150 schools which will be included in the pilot project "e-Schools - Development of the System of Digital Maturity of Schools" in the following three years. In the first phase, as early as in the fall of 2015, the first 20 school will be included, while the remaining 130 schools will be included at the beginning of 2016.

With the selection of the first 150 schools, the national strategic project e-Schools is entering the first phase of its implementation, with a value of 300 million kuna. The Public Call for Participation in the e-Schools Pilot Project, which CARNet released in December 2014, raised exceptional interest amongst schools. The schools which have applied to it expressed their wish to introduce information and communications technologies in their educational and business processes. In a relatively short period, by 20 January 2015, a total of 705 schools applied.

Method of selection of schools

It was established by an administrative check that 16 schools did not meet the requirements of the public call or did not submit all the required documentation. Moreover, 58 schools did not pass the technical check of the capacity of connecting the school to the CARNet network with adequate speed, since the telecom operators were unable to connect certain schools with required speed in an acceptable period of time.

Support in the formation of a representative sample, as well as technical support in the phases of analysis and preparation of data for the selection, was provided by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing of the University of Zagreb. The list of selected schools, the list of schools which met the essential requirements but were not selected and the list of schools which did not meet the essential requirements have been published at

Schools selected on the basis of the principle of representativeness

Out of 630 schools which met the essential requirements, according to the criteria for the selection of schools published in the public call (, a total of 150 schools have been selected, which is a representative sample of the schools which have applied. The representative sample was selected based on the type of school (the inclusion of schools of different types – primary and secondary), the principle of inclusiveness (based on the development index in accordance with the Act on Regional Development of the Republic of Croatia), the size of school (the inclusion of schools of different size – according to the National Pedagogical Standard for Primary and Secondary Schools) and the school's self-assessment of its own level of technical equipment and experience in the application of ICT. In addition to the required 140 schools, another 10 schools have been selected for reasons of redundancy, in order to ensure that, at the end of the pilot project, the planned minimum of 140 schools will have improved their digital maturity by at least one level, notwithstanding the potential divergences of particular schools.

A visualisation of the schools which applied, the schools which did not meet the administrative requirements, the schools which did not meet the technical requirements and the selected schools is available at The menu is located in the upper right corner.

A contract defining the rights and obligations according to the pilot project plan will be signed with the selected schools and their founders. New schools will have to wait until 2019, when another 700 schools are planned to be included in the second phase of the project.