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| Published 30. 9. 2014. 16:41 | RSS

ACDC project launches Community Portal

The Community Portal was launched within the ACDC (Advanced Cyber Defence Centre) project in order to enable potential partners to apply online for participation in the project.

The new portal enables CERTs, internet service providers, computer and communication technology providers and others to share data and solutions in order to accelerate and facilitate the removal of botnets from botnet-infected computers and mobile devices.

The portal was published as part of the Internet Security Days 2014 conference held in Brühl in the Federal Republic of Germany. The representative of the CARNet project at the conference was Mr Darko Perhoè, Head of National CERT, CARNet Deputy CEO.

You can find out more about the conference itself at the conference website, while more information about the ACDC Project Community Portal is available at