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| Published 18. 5. 2015. 10:56 | RSS

GÉANT developed a Catalogue of Cloud Services

In response to the demand of 50 million users and researchers from the academic community in more than 40 countries of the world, the Pan European Academic and Research Network, GÉANT, developed an online directory or Catalogue of Cloud Services.

The Catalogue offers a comprehensive overview of ways in which providers of cloud services meet the needs and requirements of the European research and educational community.

The current list comprises services of the following providers:

  • Advania
  • BOX
  • CARNet
  • Code42
  • CloudSigma
  • EduZone
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Netskope.

GÉANT is currently working on the preparation of several tenders for the provision of cloud services, with a primary focus on IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and is planning to include other service providers.

The list of requirements prepared by the GÉANT Cloud Team includes the following areas:

  • intellectual property rights and the right of ownership                              
  • legal aspects
  • security
  • continuity
  • data confidentiality
  • communication
  • collection of payments
  • technical rules.

The GÉANT network is an advanced Pan European Academic and Research Network ensuring on its own optical infrastructure for the interconnection of European academic and research networks with capacities of up to 500Gbit/s and the connection of Europe with other continents. The GÉANT network currently connects more than 50 million users in 10,000 institutions throughout Europe. Experts from CARNet participated in the creation of GEANT's Catalogue.