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| Published 2. 7. 2015. 11:13 | RSS

New Service for Issuing Electronic Certificates – TCS

In cooperation with the organisation GÉANT (prior DANTE and TERENA), CARNet offers a new service issuing electronic certificates. The issuer of certificates is the company DigiCert, replacing the company Comodo, with which the organisation GÉANT concluded a contract.

The advantage of the new service is that from 1 July 2015 all CARNet members will have the possibility of obtaining electronic certificates, not just full members.

In addition to the possibility of using only server certificates, member institutions can now also use other types of certificates: client certificates, code signing certificates, grid certificates, document signing certificates and extended validation certificates.

The procedure of issuing the certificates has also been accelerated since DigiCert no longer carries out the validation of each application (Domain Control Validation). Now, after the creation of a user account, the user's institution and domain used by the institution are validated and subsequently all certificates are issued as soon as the administrator of the institution approves the application. This procedure refers to "standard" or Organization Validation (OV) certificates. When issuing Extended Validation (EV) certificates, which member institutions can also use now, DigiCert performs a more thorough validation of the institution via e-mail and a telephone conversation with the contact persons.

The certificate management is performed only via DigiCert's portal, which means all administrators and users will have to create user accounts on DigiCert's portal. New terms of service have been defined, which means the previous appointments of authorised person are no longer valid. New appointments of authorised persons will be necessary for the issuing of new certificates.