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| Published 29. 2. 2016. 14:54 | RSS

New Classroom of the Future Opened in the Popovača Elementary School

After the Kamešnica Elementary School in Otok, the 9th Gymnasium in Zagreb, the Fran Galović High School in Koprivnica, the 2nd Elementary School in Bjelovar and the Antun and Stjepan Radić Elementary School in Gunja, the Popovača Elementary School also joined the Classroom of the Future Project in Croatia. This is the sixth school with a Classroom of the Future, which will enable interactive learning with the support of the latest information technologies. This is a continuation of the joint project of the Croatian Academic and Research Network – CARNet and the Samsung Electronics company, with the support of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports.

The Popovača Elementary School is attended by 750 students from 10 neighbourhoods in the town of Popovača. In addition to the central school, classes are also organised in five branch schools (Voloder, Osekovo, Gornja Jelenska, Potok, Stružec).

"The central and branch schools have a high-speed Internet connection, which was the prerequisite for introducing the e-Class Register into the central and branch schools from this school year on. All the classrooms in the central and branch schools are equipped with new, modern computers. Furthermore, the classrooms for subject teaching and the classrooms of the first four grades of elementary school are equipped with multimedia equipment, which significantly facilitates the work of the teachers and pupils in mastering new content. Today, the school also got a new digital classroom, to the great credit of the information science teachers working on numerous projects and recognised for their work by the Croatian Academic and Research Network – CARNet and the Samsung Electronics company. The school actively participates in the promotion of the use of new technologies in the schools in our area." - said the Popovača Elementary School principal Dražen Mlakar.