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| Published 4. 4. 2016. 15:09 | RSS

Five e-Schools Regional Training Centres Selected

Based on the Call for the Expression of Interest for the Establishment of Regional Training Centres within the project "e-Schools: Establishing a System for Developing Digitally Mature Schools (Pilot Project)", published in January 2016 by the Croatian Academic and Research Network – CARNet, out of 72 schools applying for future locations of Regional Training Centres (RTCs), the following five have been selected:

  1. the Trades and Crafts Technical School in Split,
  2. the Franjo Krežme Elementary School in Osijek,
  3. the Gornja Vežica Elementary School in Rijeka,
  4. the Vladimir Prelog Science School in Zagreb and
  5. the First Gymnasium in Varaždin.

As part of the mentioned Regional Training Centres, whose opening is expected in October this year, the systematic education of educational and administrative staff will be carried out, contributing to the building of their digital competences.

The ROCs will also be used for other types of education/programmes organised by the agencies/organisations competent for promoting the development of the educational system in the Republic of Croatia and supporting it, as well as for the education/programmes organised by the local communities (e.g. education/programmes for the unemployed or for the purposes of additional schooling, retraining etc.).

Each ROC will be equipped with 30 laptops and 30 tablets, a lecturer's computer with a camera and loudspeakers, a touchscreen, a videoconferencing system, a course management system and a tablet storage and charging cart. 

Projekt je sufinancirala Europska unija iz europskih strukturnih i investicijskih fondova.