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| Published 27. 10. 2016. 14:57 | RSS

CARNet Becomes Part of the First Croatian Centre of Cybernetic Safety Competence

At the initiative of the company CS Computer Systems, as the project co-ordinator, the Centre of Competences for the Cybernetic Safety of Management Systems (CEKOM) was established. Along with the Croatian Academic and Research Network (CARNet) and the National CERT Department, other partners of the centre include the power plant and electric traction engineering department of Končar,, the Croatian transmission system operator and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing of the University of Zagreb.

This is the first centre in Croatia dedicated to the field of cybernetic safety competences. It is lead by the needs of the industry and intends to utilize research development projects for the development of efficient solutions and to build capacities of the business sector, with the end objective of the successful commercialization of developed solutions in the field of the cybernetic safety of control systems.

The project has been recognised by the Croatian Competitiveness Cluster of the electric power and manufacturing machines and technology sector, which has granted it the of project of national interest designation.

The objective of the establishment of the Centre is to utilize the joint powers of the business sector and scientific and research institutions to develop solutions in the field the cybernetic safety of management systems that will be globally competitive. The designated competent authority and every partner in the Centre will contribute with its own knowledge, experience and innovations, acquired through all of its long-time work in the field of management systems, cybernetic safety, research and development and through the management of complex projects in industry and scientific environments.

The vision of the Centre is to create cybernetically safe management systems that will allow for the reliable functioning of critical sectors and infrastructure on a national, EU and global level.