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Edupoint is a unique centre uniting all CARNet educational systems related to information technologies, ranging from training end users in networking and using services, through educating system engineers in the field of computer and information system management, to educating and advising teachers and lecturers of other professions on information technology supported teaching.

The mission of Edupoint is to design and distribute knowledge about the Internet and its implementation in order to raise the level of information literacy in the Croatian academic community, as well as continued development and improvement of the quality of studying and teaching performed in the system.

The preparations for Edupoint began in 2000 and its full realisation is expected in 2001. The following methods will be used: reviews of the current printed and digital materials, portals for single groups of users and their interests, printed and digital educational material, courses, seminars, counselling activities for individual needs, care about registered attendants and their interests, information about the novelties, etc.

The basic programs that should be intensified, reviewed and started by using the mentioned methods include:

  • educational system for end users;
  • Training the Trainers (TtT) program;
  • educational system for system engineers;
  • distance learning.

Courses for end usersDuring the calendar year 2000 the co-operation between the University Computing Centre and CARNet continued regarding courses for end users. There were 193 courses held in Zagreb and 41 courses in Split. Out of a total of 234 courses, 147 dealt with networking and the rest were courses related to basic usage of Microsoft software products (MS Windows, MS Office).

A particularly significant result that was achieved was the complete redesign of the course curricula at the beginning of the academic year 2000/2001.

The list of CARNet and SRCE courses in the academic year 2000/2001.

Symbol Title of the course Duration
 A  Basic courses  
 A100  What is the Internet and what is it for? 1 x 2
 A200  How to access the Internet using CARNet modem entries 1 x 3
 A300  Start using the Internet 3 x 5
 A310  Using Web by means of Microsoft Internet Explorer 1 x 4
 A320  Use of electronic mail by means of Microsoft Outlook Express 1 x 4
 A330  Using network news by means of Microsoft Outlook Express 1 x 4
 A400  Netscape Communicator as your window to the Internet 1 x 5
 B  Advanced courses  
 B100  Security of electronic mail and PGP 1 x 4
 B200  Searching for information on the Internet 1 x 5
 B310  Designing Web pages 2 x 5
 B320  Designing Web pages using Microsoft Front Page 2 x 5
 B330  Web and programming 1 x 5
 B340  Basics of Javascript 1 x 4
 B350  Good habits in designing Web pages 1 x 3
 B400  Desktop video conferences: Microsoft Netmeeting 1 x 4
 C  Special courses  
 C300  Managing distribution lists 1 x 3
 C400  Use of Courseware tools (WebCT) 2 x 5
 U  Unix courses  
 U100  Introduction to UNIX 1 x 5
 U110  Use of the Internet on UNIX platform 1 x 5
 U150  Advanced Unix 1 x 5
 W  PC courses  
 W100  Introduction to MS Windows 98 2 x 5
 W210  Introduction to MS Word 2000 2 x 5
 W220  Introduction to MS Excel 2000 2 x 5
 W230  Introduction to MS PowerPoint 2000 1 x 5
 W240  Introduction to MS Access 2000 2 x 5

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