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Helpdesk service

Helpdesk service continued its work during the year 2000 and only by e-mail responded to an average of about 160 queries per month. The number of queries received by e-mail is decreasing since the users tend to send their queries more often directly to respective services (DNS, Members Service, System engineers support) or service maintainers (CMU system, caching). At the end of 2000 a free info-phone (0800) started to be established, thus increasing the availability of helpdesk service to users.

During the year, using users' information system ( 87 pieces of information were distributed and also 3 CDA documents published.

In order to enrich the selection of contents intended for end users "Vodič kroz mrežne servise" ("Guide to Network Services") was translated and published on the Web during 2000 (, which was published by TERENA in the original English version as "GNRT - Guide to Network Resource Tools". CARNet is planning to continue the co-operation with TERENA and to provide translation for CARNet users in case new GNRT versions get published.


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