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Central and directory services

As part of the activities on projects WWW.HR and CROSS, a draft of instructions has been developed in order to improve the searchability of the Croatian WWW space. The instructions were published on 18 January 2001 as CDA0027 "How to improve the searchability of the Croatian World Wide Web space by using metadata".


The www.hr service includes the home page of Croatia and a catalogue of www servers.

Activities in the year 2000:

  • "Izdanje 2000" ("Publication 2000") has been produced with new graphical design of the clickable map of Croatia, divided into counties and clearly highlighted county centres, and graphical element denoting other towns in the county, as well as the islands.
  • Contents have been expanded, including culture, economy, and sport.
  • The quality of information provided by the service has been improved, two topical maps have been made, a map of national parks and a map of CARNet members.
  • The catalogue has been redesigned in accordance with the homepage.
  • The catalogue structure has been internally reorganised through the database.
  • The administrative interface has been improved as well as the interface for application of new servers.
  • The catalogue search has been improved by expanding the possibilities to three types of queries: by means of given words, any given word, and logical search by using symbols + ("and") and - ("no").
  • The list of data about the registered pages has been improved so that the date of page registration in the catalogue and the date of the last change are listed for those URLs for which data are available.
  • Catalogue updating has been improved by automatic page generation with newly registered links and the note NOVO (Eng: NEW) for the pages registered within the last six days.
  • Preparations for "Izdanje 2001" have been carried out and the seventh anniversary of the servers has been celebrated.
  • The project was presented at the Free Computer System Days (Dani otvorenih računarskih sustava) - DORS 2000 in Zagreb, as well as at two international conferences: CARNet Users Conference CUC 2000 in Zagreb and Viable Telecommunications VITEL 2000 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
  • The project was presented on television in "BIT", a program broadcast by the Croatian Radio and Television.


1) Increase in the number of links in the catalogue
2) Number of hits


Month Hits Files Pageviews Sessions KBytes sent
December 2000
2429888 1662026 561845 316597 23575614
November 2000 2771122 1889480 656706 349295 27082586
October 2000
2834629 1968148 637846 346983 25582568
September 2000 2393046 1672007 537888 300572 22173086
August 2000 2605249 1837173 574232 312135 26724252
July 2000 2898152 2034722 654001 340285 27737506
June 2000 2606589 1807838 597909 301116 25839138
May 2000 2724563 1898101 628146 313984 23858312
April 2000 2751341 1960285 643128 297880 26210168
March 2000 2873986 2020389 692715 319532 24767440
February 2000 2714780 1929926 644816 292828 25834820
January 2000 2779251 1981868 672087 289606 26812302
Total 32382596 22661963 7501319 3780813 306197792
Average 2698549 1888496 625109 315067 25516482


During the year, computer cross.carnet.hr disk capacities were modernised and upgraded, and at the end of the year an additional, second computer in the CROSS system started with operation. The real effects of this activity are expected in the year 2001. CROSS internal system has been supplemented by the support for HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.0.

FTP and mirroring

Archive keeping and updating continued. Disk capacities were modernised and upgraded at the end of the year.

The FTP server traffic reached at the end of the year the following daily averages:

  • number of delivered files: 545
  • delivered amount of data: 962269 KB

The mirror archive users' interest was especially focused on the Tucows archive of program support.


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