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CIX (Croatian Internet Exchange)

CIX is an unprofitable service of the Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNet, started with the aim of providing efficient Internet exchange at the national level.

Technically, CIX represents a point which connects communication channels from and to the CIX users, enabling data exchange in accordance with bilateral agreements. By establishing direct communication channels, the exchange of Internet traffic in Croatia will proceed without burdening any third networks, thus achieving great savings in data exchange among the Croatian users of the Internet.

On 8 September 2001 a Memorandum on establishing a national centre for Internet exchange was signed by:

  • AT&T Global Network Services Croatia Ltd.
  • Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNet
  • Hrvatske telekomunikacije d.d. (Croatian Telecommunications)
  • ISKON Internet Ltd. and

CIX represents the first joint project of the commercial and non-commercial Internet service providers and academic and private computer networks, and apart from the five current signatories, all the interested future Internet service providers and private networks will be able to join it if they meet certain minimal technical requirements.


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