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NTP - System of accurate time synchronisation

At the beginning of 2000 CARNet established a system of accurate time servers - NTP (Network Time Protocol), a public service available to all the Croatian citizens, according to the instructions and under conditions described on the web pages The NTP system allows every user to adjust accurate time of their internal clock on the computer connected to CARNet, i.e. to the Internet. The accuracy of the system is more than one tenth of a second.

In the network computer environment there is a great need to synchronise computers and equipment. Accurate and adjusted time is necessary e.g. for proper functioning of the distributed application, in analysis of logos after security incidents, for business control and analysis of the network operation, etc.

CARNet advises all computer users in the Republic of Croatia who are connected or get occasionally connected to the Internet, to use the NTP server system to adjust the time on all their computers regardless of their type or purpose. Adjusted accurate time reduces the number of problems that might arise due to the differences in time on computers that communicate via computer networks.

This system, the first of its kind in our country, has been designed for the needs of the whole Internet community within the Republic of Croatia, and may serve as the basis or as an example of introducing the NTP server into big computer-communication systems.


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