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Pilot projects

CARNet is trying to create positive examples in order to speed up the implementation of information technologies in various activities and fields. By carrying out pilot projects in co-operation with institutions and organisations that need not be exclusively from the academic community, CARNet is trying to stimulate experimental examples of new technologies with the intention of their everyday use.

With projects carried out in co-operation with institutions belonging mainly to the academic community, CARNet wants to speed up the implementation of information technologies in various activities which is one of the basic aims of CARNet. Thus, the use of CARNet network infrastructure is increased, and the users are provided with greater selection of contents in the Croatian information space.

The newly started projects in 2000 include:

Some of the more successful projects in 2000 include:

Breast cancer

The Breast Cancer Project was started at the beginning of 2000 in co-operation with the Faculty of Medicine, University of Split. The aim of the project is to develop multimedia presentation of breast cancer, both for the physicians and for the patients, available via the Internet. Web pages have been designed as part of the project, presenting information about the illness and treatment, as well as the answers to often asked questions. The project enables patients to use e-mail in order to join the Club of persons suffering from breast cancer, and to communicate with one another and with the specialists whose advice they need (oncologist, gynaecologist, psychiatrist, psychologist).

Protection, digitalisation and popularisation of the Silvije Strahimir Kranjčević heritage

The aim of the Project is the protection of S. S. Kranjčevića manuscript heritage, considering its inadequate current condition, prevention of further damage to valuable documents and increase of their safety. The aims of the project are achieved by digitising of all the documents thus protecting the originals. Apart from protection, digitisation makes the heritage available on sophisticated media and it enables cataloguing.

Lectures, workshops and problems in Mathematics - Mathematics 1

Mathematics 1 is a project by the Faculty of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Split. The aim of the project is the design of web pages containing materials for lessons in Mathematics 1 (lectures, examples, problems, interactive tests) available on the Internet, improving and making it easier to acquire comprehensive material contained in Mathematics 1. Today, the materials presented by this project are being successfully used in teaching mathematics at the FESB. Good results of the project have contributed to starting the project Mathematics 2 and Mathematics within the i-project of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Višnjan ObservatoryDatabase 2 - VOID2

Višnjan Observatory Image Database 2 is a project by the Observatory Višnjan which has created the database of all the discovered asteroids up to now, available over the Internet, as well as the design of respective web service enabling access to this database. Apart from general data about the asteroids (orbital elements, physical characteristics, description of the discovery and naming), the VOID 2 base contains also a base of individual astrometric and photometric measurements of individual asteroids, as well as the base of images recorded by a telescope and a CCD camera by the Višnjan Observatory.

Liturgy in the semiotic language

The Internet has proven as excellent medium in education of persons with impaired hearing and therefore a project entitled "Liturgy in the semiotic language" was started in co-operation with the Faculty of Philosophy of the Society of Jesus. This project promotes alternative approach to deaf persons, i.e. the culture of the deaf, bilingual education, professional services of interpreters and linguistic research of the Croatian semiotic language on more than 300 pages of texts. The animated 'on-line' dictionary with more than 500 terms in the semiotic language is one of the biggest in the world, and currently the only one that uses the most sophisticated technology - videoclips in avi format with mpeg4 compression that allows development of very small files (16-50 kb).

The project was successfully presented in 2000 at the finals of the international competition 'The Stockholm Challenge Award' - Nobel Prize in the field of information technologies in the category of "Equal Access". Although the organisers favoured the Croatian project, highlighting it on their Internet page, the international jury awarded this year the main prizes to projects whose budgets exceeded even six-digit figures in US dollars. For comparison, the Croatian finalist was the only student project, the only project entirely developed on a voluntary basis and one of the rare ones not managed by IT experts.

The previous calendar year saw successful continuation of the projects that had been started before, related to establishing computer centres, such as "Centre for on-line bases" and "Software packet Mathematica".


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