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Personnel professional training

During 2000 the main emphasis was placed on widening and expanding professional knowledge as well as on improving interpersonal and managerial skills and knowledge of the employees.

Resulting from the demands of the environment and the changes that had accumulated at CARNet over time, a new systematisation of workplaces was carried out at the end of 2000.

Within this systematisation, special emphasis was placed on the competence of the employees as one of the most important factors in assigning tasks within the organisational structure of CARNet.

CARNet was presented at the Job Fair which confirmed the attractiveness of CARNet as a place where students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing will gladly acquire their first working experiences and study together with the rest of the CARNet team until graduation.

During the year, a CARNet employee, Ms. Vesna Vrga completed her post-graduate study of business management thus becoming the first MBA person at CARNet.

One of the novelties in 2000 were the annual interviews with all the CARNet employees, which were introduced in the desire to feel the pulse of CARNet's most important element - the people, and to discuss the plan of activities with every employee individually.

At the end of 2000, the employees who contributed most during the year by their outstanding work and good relations to their colleagues were traditionally awarded prizes and acknowledgements:

  • Bojan Jurgec - Commendation for the yearly work for professional and responsible attitude towards work, and exemplary relations towards colleagues.
  • Ivan Marić - Commendation for autonomy and success in establishing CARNet links to the Pan-European network TEN-155.
  • Nevenko Bartolinčić - Commendation for autonomy and success in realising the CARNet Cisco Networking Academy.
  • Dobriša Dobrenić - Commendation for autonomy and success in establishing the service of Courses for CARNet system engineers.
  • Anamarija Sorić - Commendation for dedicated work and special contribution to the realisation of the CARNet public web.
  • Hrvoje Stipetić - Annual Award for intense and successful co-operation with CARNet and special contribution and results achieved in establishing the CROSS - Croatian Search Service.

The personnel professional training will continue in 2001 with the aim of creating an even better and stronger CARNet team.


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