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CARNet continues to co-operate with international associations (link to ustanova/int_coo/index.htm ), being their member.

CARNet is active member of several international organisations:


As in previous years, in 2000 also, the CARNet presenters participated at annual CEENet conferences and workshops, where they actively contributed to the Internet users education from the areas of Central and East Europe, and then in turn transferred their knowledge to the Croatian part of the Internet. In 2000 the following workshops took place:

  • 2nd CEENet Workshops on Network Management
    The second CEENet workshop in the field of management was held in Ohrid, Macedonia. CARNet speakers at this workshop were Jasenka Gojšić and Zoran Bekić.
  • 6th CEENet Tehnology Workshop
    The sixth workshop in the field of technology was held in Budapest. Two CARNet employees participated as speakers (Miroslav Milinović, Nevenko Bartolinčić), and four participated without papers (Ivica Matotek, Ivana Pezelj, Sanda Starešina, Anamarija Sorić).


As part of co-operation with TERENA, CARNet employees participate regularly at the conferences and meetings of the General Assembly.
In 2000 the General Assembly meeting (14th GA meeting) took place in Paris, and CARNet was represented there by Ms. Vesna Vrga.


In 2000 CARNet employees participated regularly at the meetings of the RIPE organisation.
35th RIPE Meeting was held in Amsterdam, and Mario Klobučar and Ivan Marić attended the meeting.
37th RIPE Meeting was held also in Amsterdam, and Mario Klobučar attended this meeting.


As part of co-operation with the international society FIRST that deals with solving security computer incidents and their prevention, the 12th annual FIRST conference took place in 2000. The Conference was held in Chicago (USA) and Vlado Pribolšan attended it.


Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNet became in 2000 the national partner of the international program ThinkQuest.
It is a program intended for pupils and teachers whose aim is to create educational contents on the Internet.
ThinkQuest is also a competition joined by teams from all over the world.

ThinkQuest pages in the Croatian language can be found at the address Contact Email address is

Since 1999 CARNet has been co-operating also with the International Association for Exchange of students of technical and natural sciences - IAESTE, the biggest international organisation for students exchange whose activity is non-profitable. The IAESTE society is present in more than 60 countries in the world. IAESTE provided professional practical training at CARNet during the years 1999 and 2000 for 6 foreign students. In 2000 3 students performed their professional practical training at CARNet. At the beginning of 2000 Yolanda Betancourt Masset, a student from Columbia arrived for practical training and stayed at CARNet from 21 January 2000 to 30 June 2000, and she participated in the following projects at the Department of Research and Development:

  • MBoneTools Setup Program
  • SDR-Plugins
  • MBoneTools Application Development

From 24 June to 15 August 2000 professional practical training at CARNet was realised by the student Marios A. Fokas from Greece, who worked at the Department of Building and Maintenance of CARNet network in the project "Fluke tools for network monitoring".

From 25 July to 1 September 2000 Michael Portelli Madden, a student from Malta stayed at CARNet for practical training and he worked at the Department of CARNet projects, on the project "Get connected".


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