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Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNet, motivated by the need to reorganise public web pages (URL:, has started at the beginning of 2000 a project of redesigning web.

Old web pages did not meet the requirements of the CARNet users' and CARNet itself any more, data on the web were obsolete, difficult to access and they did not represent CARNet adequately.

In March 2000 a project team was formed that defined the objectives of the project:

  1. to reorganise and to redesign the existing public web,
  2. to provide the users with easier access to the data on the web,
  3. to define procedures that will insure constant updating of data on the public web,
  4. to send the users a clearer message about CARNet itself and about its activities.

The efforts were made to provide the users with higher quality and updated contents through organisational and design solutions, and to simplify web usage by means of two design elements:

  • vertical structure to which all the contents are related, and which allows easier navigation and managing of pages,
  • introduction of communication channels: Chat, Mail, Forum and SMS, which allow communication already on the first page, not having to open any special windows.

The new web design used the technological advantages of HTML 4.0 and JavaScript, and the usage of CGI script. The mentioned technological solutions allowed shortening of the access (number of clicks), greater visualisation of the presented information and dynamics and connection to CARNet web by means of E-mail, Chat, Forum and SMS.

The project entered its final phase in November, and was published on 4 December 2000.

After having published the web, task assignments were defined, to persons responsible for page maintenance, and this means:

  1. editorial (information) aspect of web
  2. webmaster aspect of web.

According to the CARNet plan for 2001, certain parts of the public web, more concretely: those that relate to "external" webs, will try to get reorganised, so as to satisfy the unification element of design of the new public web. According to plan, certain parts of web will be handled and treated by means of new technologies (e.g. design of a clickable map for the web pages of CARNet members and network).

In order to determine the utilisation level and quality of the presented topics on the web, Web Usability Testing is planned in the year 2001.


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