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This year we are celebrating the tenth anniversary of CARNet. It is an indicator showing how much needs to be invested in a single segment of the human society in order to create only the basic infrastructure: links among the entities of the system and towards the world.

CARNet received the necessary resources so as to make the users heave a long desired sigh of relief. Improving the network access speeds to the level greater than the actual users' needs has insured space for new usage methods and level of activities, and to act in a stimulating manner on both.

As the only efficient way of changing the approach and acquiring new knowledge and skills, education is one of the basic CARNet activities. By organising all the existing courses and educational systems into an educational centre, CARNet wants to balance the level of quality. New learning methods, emphasising self-study and practical group training, as well as materials suited to various levels of knowledge and users' needs, represent the main characteristics of this centre.

CARNet communicates with other society segments first of all by examples showing the concrete usage, usefulness and side-effects in certain fields. CARNet initiates the start of new pilot projects, if the continuation of the project in actual implementation and the support by the authorised for the respective activity are insured in advance.

CARNet is ready to provide the knowledge and experience in order to participate in developing new government systems. The main barrier to full exploitation of CARNet potentials lies in the absence of plans for any such "move" in the country, for which new people should already have to be prepared today.

Promotion of results, gathering and dissemination of knowledge - these are areas in which CARNet should find its connection to the public. Organised flexibility, co-operability and transparency are the basic characteristics of CARNet that have to be fostered, and the multidisciplinary team and constant improvements in all fields are the necessary precondition to sustain these.

The ten years of work will be behind us next year. If we achieve everything that has been mentioned, are we going to be pleased with ourselves? Let us answer in the spirit of CARNet - never!

Jasenka Gojšić

CARNet Chief Executive Officer


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