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International links

International link to the USA (MCI)

After getting connected to TEN155 network in November last year, this 4 MBps link continued to carry certain traffic of a lower volume, to be configured in December exclusively as back-up. The plan is to use this link in the future to direct part of the traffic, and also to serve as back-up.

International link to Europe (EBONE)

In the middle of the year it was determined that this link, compared to the one to MCI (128 kb to 4 Mb!) is almost useless so that temporarily the whole directing was done to the MCI link.

Link na TEN155

Link to the Pan-European network TEN155 was established at the end of November 2000. The configuration is such that out of the total of 34 Mbps nominal speed 17 Mbps each are allocated to traffic towards the USA and Europe respectively.


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