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Registration of free-of-charge second-level domains for state administration bodies

According to Articles 7 and 21 of the Ordinance, state administration bodies and local and regional self-government units in the Republic of Croatia have a priority right to the registration of domains that are of particular importance for the national information space.

An application for the registration of these domains will be rejected if the applicant fails, before the moment of submitting the application, to activate and start using all other domains he has registered.


  • every user can have an arbitrary number of free-of-charge domains;

Domain names:

The names of these types of domains are arbitrary.

Necessary documentation:

Pursuant to the Agreement between the Croatian Academic and Research Network (CARNet) and the University Computing Centre (SRCE), activities concerning the registration of free-of-charge domains shall be carried out by the DNS Service of SRCE.

In addition to submitting the registration form (.doc, .pdf, .odt Croatian only), it is necessary to enclose a domain management plan in which the purpose of the domain, the services active in it, the website contents, if any, and the time scheme of the domain management.

The decision on the registration is passed by the DNS Committee.

The documentation needs to be submitted (sent as a letter post item or handed in at the registration office) to the following address:

Hrvatska akademska i istraživačka mreža - CARNet
DNS služba
Josipa Marohnića 5
10000 Zagreb

Contact information of the DNS service

The DNS service is competent only for free-of-charge domains. For all other questions please contact the CARNet Helpdesk.

Working hours for clients: every day from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Phone: +385 1 616 5530

Fax: +385 1 616 5531


Public PGP key:
The DNS service supports the use of the PGP cryptographic system. The public PGP key of the CARNet DNS service can be obtained from any known PGP server.

KeyID: 0xD2A06D33
Fingerprint: 7576 D192 2C53 897D 36DC CC5C B447 0A5C D2A0 6D33