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Registration of paid domains

Users of paid domains can use these domains for any purpose (commercial purposes, for presenting products, services, projects or for non-commercial purposes).

A paid domain can be registered by:

  • all legal and natural persons with a physical address (i.e. an address at which they can receive formal postal items) in the Republic of Croatia.


  • there are no restrictions concerning the number of registered domains.

Domain names:

There are no requirements concerning the domain name (except technical requirements prescribed by the Ordinance).

Important note:
Since there are no requirements for the domain name, users must strictly follow the Ordinance, i.e. restrain from registering domains which violate the rights of others (protected seals and trade marks). Domains registered in this way cannot be sold to or used by third parties. A domain will be deleted if it is determined that it is exclusively or mostly used by a person not registered as its user. Also, under Article 22 of the Ordinance, the registration of technical terms, geographical names and generic terms of interest to the information space of the Republic of Croatia is not permitted.

How to register:

Paid domains are registered exclusively via licensed registrars.

Price of paid domains:

The final price of the domain will be determined by the registrars. The price that the registrars pay to CARNet was determined by the CARNet Managing Council at the proposal of the DNS Committee and amounts to 20 HRK a year (without VAT).