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Due to a growing need for broadband Internet access, in cooperation with Iskon, CARNET created an Internet access service called DUO.CARNET, which uses ADSL infrastructure. This technology provides users with broadband access to the CARNET network via a phone connection, through the Iskon network.

The basic DUO.CARNET package offers Internet access (ADSL2+) with the speed of up to 5Mbps/512kbps, one (analogue) phone line and one phone number, unlimited Internet traffic through the CARNET network, and modem lease.

Thus, in cooperation with Iskon, CARNET offers users an alternative method of individual access to the CARNET network and has, to a certain extent, expanded the group of services that enables access to the CARNET network.

TRIO.CARNET is a service created as an upgrade of DUO.CARNET and, in addition to the CARNET network access via ADSL and phone, it also includes television.

The basic TRIO.CARNET package therefore offers access to the CARNET network and the Internet with a speed of 3Mbps/384kbps, unlimited Internet traffic, keeping the existing telephone number or the assignment of a new number, cheaper telephone services and Iskon TV.




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