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E-islands is a project that enabled delivery of e-learning content to schools on Croatian islands, as well as the opportunity for students to attend the classes in their head schools "live", so that students on the islands have access to the same knowledge regardless of where they live.

In respect of the position of the Croatian islands and a very sparse population, the related problems in the education system have been identified - paucity of teachers, a relatively small number of students in some schools and the frequent need for travel of teachers and students, which are very difficult due to modest ferry and other connections. Therefore, the project was designed with the main goal to achieve a prerequisite for the possibility of a quality primary education in remote, sparsely populated and small islands. Indirectly, the desire is to enable the island population to remain living on the islands permanently, and, ultimately, contribute to the overall revitalization of the island.

The project mainly connected the elementary branch schools with head schools using wireless data connections that allow remote classes via videoconferencing, sharing and access to teaching materials, and that partly reduced the need for frequent trips. Hereby, apart from raising the quality of teaching in smaller branch schools, the delivery of instruction for the number of students (for which it wasn’t possible to organize classes until that moment) was enabled.

CARNETs unique room videoconferencing system, which allows the establishment of a videoconference link between two or more sites involved in the system, is used to connect schools.

The e-Islands project includes the following primary schools (head and branch schools on the islands):

Link to CARNET PoP Zadar:

  • Zadarski otoci Elementary School, Zadar
  • Ist Branch School, Ist
  • Olib Branch School, Olib
  • Veli Iž Branch School, Veli Iž
  • Petar Lorini Elementary School, Sali
  • Maria Martinolića Elementary School, Mali Lošinj
  • Ilovik Branch School, Ilovik
  • Susak Branch School, Susak
  • Unije Branch School, Unije

Link to CARNET PoP Šibenik:

  • Fausta Vrančića Elementary School, Šibenik
  • Prvić Branch School, Prvić Šepurine
  • Zlarin Branch School, Zlarin
  • Juraja Šižgorića Elementary School, 22000 Šibenik
  • Krapanj Branch School, Krapanj

Link to CARNET PoP Dubrovnik:

  • Ivan Gundulić Elementary School, Dubrovnik
  • Koločep Branch School, Koločep
  • Antuna Masle Elementary School, Orašac
  • Lopud Branch School, Lopud
  • Slano Elementary School, Slano
  • Suđurađ Branch School, Suđurađ
  • Šipanska luka Branch School, Šipanska luka

Link to CARNET PoP Split:

  • Majstor Radovan Elementary School, Trogir
  • Drvenik Branch School, Drvenik Veli

E-Islands project was achieved with dedicated funds that have been provided by: the Croatian Government, the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, the National Office for e-Croatia and the Croatian Telecommunications Agency.

In 2008, the project was voted the best project of the year at the 2008 Cisco Networkers Innovation Awards, for which CARNET received the prize in the category of the best projects with the greatest impact on the community.





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