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Mediation in Resolving Computer Incidents

National CERT

National CERT was established in accordance with the Croatian Information Security Act, with the mission of prevention and safety protection of public information systems in the Republic of Croatia. The National CERT services are offered to all Internet users in Croatia, i.e. resident users, business entities, institutions, Internet providers in Croatia, as well as other entities which are not state administration bodies within the constituency of the CERT Information Systems Security Bureau. One of the main tasks of the National CERT is to manage the Internet security incidents in cases when at least one party (an attacker or a victim) in the incident is located in the Republic of Croatia.

Considering that the Internet is a global network, the incidents usually have to be resolved by coordination of CERTs from different countries, therefore the National CERT is an accredited member of the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST) and of the European CERTs task force, TERENA TI. Accordingly, the National CERT is the access point for foreign CERTs or other foreign organisations which report incidents.

A security incident can be reported to the National CERT at More information on how to report an incident, on types of incidents and on computer security in general can be found at

National CERT deals with computer and security problems which threaten CARNET customers, e.g. schools, universities, institutes, but also individual CARNET users. National CERT helps in faster resolving of computer and security problems, it offers expert advice on how to avoid repetition of such incidents and how to improve computer and information security of its users, their computers, institutes they work in or services they use.